Commercial Advisory


Procurement Consulting

Probity Advice and Audits

Ngamuru has a track record in providing probity services for major Government procurements, particularly in the Commonwealth sector. We are able to provide the full range of probity advisory and auditing services, including developing probity protocols and plans, undertaking probity briefings, oversighting evaluation processes, advising on conflict and other probity issues, preparing probity reports and sign-offs, and most importantly providing practical advice across the procurement life cycle.

Ngamuru provided specialist probity advice to a large government agency on a very sensitive multi-billion dollar program.  This complex program consisted of interrelated projects and procurements which involved stakeholders across Australia and will deliver significant benefits to the Australian public.

Procurement Design and Execution

Our team members have extensive experience in developing and implementing acquisition and procurement strategies for Government and private sector clients, having worked on projects and procurements ranging from small procurements to some of the most complex projects undertaken in Australia. Our past performance and experience is evidenced by these various procurement and contract services and senior roles undertaken by our personnel.

RFx Development and Evaluation

Our team members have extensive experience in undertaking tender evaluations, including financial evaluation, leading or chairing tender evaluation working groups, evaluation teams and evaluation steering groups, and developing Source Evaluation Reports. We also have extensive experience in undertaking negotiations, including developing negotiation directives/plans, leading or participating in negotiation teams, training negotiation teams, and developing contract negotiation reports.

Ngamuru has provided strategic procurement support to multi-billion dollar Federal Government programs.  Encompassing a range of substantial and complex projects, our team provides support to the team in the establishment of procurement strategy, the development of tender documents and evaluation artefacts and support the evaluations.


Ngamuru Advisory has a proven track record in undertaking complex negotiations or negotiation training for, or in collaboration with, public sector clients, including Commonwealth and State Government agencies.  As leading advisers to Commonwealth and State Government in the delivery of major projects (including both materiel and infrastructure projects), our personnel frequently participate in complex negotiations taking a lead role in the strategic and commercial aspects of the negotiations.

Our role is not necessarily limited to participating in actual negotiations but extends to the full range of activities leading up to, and affecting, negotiations including developing the acquisition strategy (including to maximise competitive tension throughout the procurement process), participating in evaluations to identify key issues requiring negotiations, preparing for negotiations (including conducting negotiation training), developing a negotiation strategy, preparing negotiation directives, meeting with senior executives in relation to the progress of negotiations and preparing negotiation reports on the outcome of the negotiations.

One of our clients is implementing a large-scale business transformation centred around the implementation of a greenfield Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.  The strategy involved the engagement of a Systems Integrator (SI) to support design, build and implementation of the solution.  Ngamuru was engaged for this complex and critical project as a suitably qualified and experienced lead negotiator to lead the interactive engagement and negotiation process.

Industry Engagement

Ngamuru was engaged to support a large government agency’s program suffering from poor industry relationships.  Ngamuru worked collaboratively with the client’s team to develop an industry engagement strategy that would culminate in the identification of a long term, strategic partner for the delivery and sustainment of the capability.

Co-design Support

Ngamuru supported a Department with the design, development and implementation of a major business transformation relating to its use of professional service providers.  Ngamuru proposed a new service delivery model, with a detailed implementation and change management plan, including an innovative co-design and development strategy to be undertaken collaboratively with industry.

Procurement Policy and Procedures

Ngamuru was contracted to develop procurement guidance and procedures for its internal contract managers.  Our team developed scalable better practice guides to improve contract management outcomes and fill a significant gap in our client’s procedural framework.

Template Development

Ngamuru was contracted to provide strategic procurement advice to a large government project.  As part of this engagement, Ngamuru provided our client with a suite of evaluation and reporting templates to ensure that the procurement process was appropriately documented, risks captured and governance requirements satisfied.

Training & Coaching

Procurement Life Cycle

We have seconded personnel into our client’s projects to perform key leadership roles to assist our clients with upskilling of their personnel.  Our expertise in the procurement lifecycle allows us to provide a critical role in which we can be instrumental in on the job mentoring and up-skilling of the clients workforce to improve the teams general procurement competence and stakeholder engagement skills.

Performance Management

Our lead trainer, Dr Andrew ‘Jacko’ Jacopino regularly presents at various domestic and international commercial and Performance Based Contracting (PBC) conferences and has delivered numerous PBC workshops and seminars including development and delivery of elements of the Queensland University of Technology Executive Masters in Strategic Procurement.  He is the author of the book, Mastering Performance Based Contracts.

Performance Management

Performance Management Frameworks (PMF) Design and Implementation

Ngamuru has personnel who have extensive expertise in designing, implementing and training in managing performance management frameworks.

Ngamuru was engaged by an international government department to design the performance management framework for their future aircrew training program.  This program aims to outsource the training and development of the this Government’s aircrew.

Managing Supplier Performance

Ngamuru personnel have assisted clients with managing supplier performance in many different ways.

Ngamuru is currently assisting a major government department with the way that they handle suppliers under a multiple services supplier arrangement.  This work involves ensuring the client and the customer know exactly what is expected of them under the contract and agree mutually achievable outcomes.

This projects brings with it the implementation of a major change to the way client acquires and manages their client-side contractor workforce.  Our support has been instrumental in assisting the branch to effectively track work orders, monitor delivery, and address any issues or shortfalls.