Management Consulting



Ngamuru personnel are all familiar with various forms of governance frameworks that are imposed on or mandated by clients.  Ngamuru has extensive experience in applying governance systems and regimes or reviewing governance regimes to ensure they suit the clients requirements.

Reporting and Oversight Requirements

Ngamuru was contracted by the a state government agency to review the governance arrangements for asset maintenance services applicable to its state-wide operations.  After consulting widely with the agency and its stakeholders, Ngamuru proposed a more streamlined approach that would achieve better governance outcomes and additionally provided an implementation and transition strategy to mitigate the risks associated with the changes.

Terms of Reference Development

Ngamuru was engaged by a state government department to provide advisory services for the establishment of an interim implementation plan for the integrated care services.  Our team worked closely with Departmental staff to establish overall objectives for the plan which then anchored all subsequent Ngamuru activities.  The team devised a framework for the development of the plan with all stakeholders, culminating in a collaborative workshop to develop, review and pressure test the plan.

Organisational Design

Ngamuru has provided organisational (re)design services to many clients, to ensure that the organisation works well—that is, the organisation is able to deliver the results expected of it using the resources that are available to it.  We understand organisational design in the public sector differs dramatically to that in the private sector.

Structural Review

Ngamuru was engaged by a public transport authority to improve the performance and professionalism of the it’s operational business unit.  Ngamuru proposed new organisational structure and supporting governance protocols to provide the business with renewed focus, accountability and clarity of function.

Accountability and Responsibility Assignment

Ngamuru was contracted to design and provide an implementation plan for a small government team.  This involved defining roles and responsibilities with key stakeholders, refining key ‘hand-off’ points with interrelated functions, designing the business structure and service offering, developing capability requirements and position descriptions.

Business Improvement

Ngamuru has a track record of helping organisations enhance their systems and critical processes to achieve short-term business success and drive long-term sustainable performance.

Performance Review

Ngamuru was engaged by the a large government agency in the role of an independent adviser to oversee a procurement being undertaken by the client for a service that supports people at risk of actual or physical harm.  Our team consulted and advised senior executives and internal governance panels to recommend performance improvements and mitigation measures to reduce risks.

Business and Commercial Analysis

The majority of Ngamuru’s work with clients involves working alongside them to identify opportunities for savings from their supplier base or operations.  Our people have developed strong skills in commercial analytics and routinely offer business improvement recommendations to clients as we encounter them in our work.  Many of our team have led business improvement programs prior to joining Ngamuru; their strong consulting skills makes them most effective at engaging with and securing the support of all types of stakeholders.