Heidi Millton-Young

GradDip Bus Admin, GradDip Leg Prac, LLB

    Heidi is Ngamuru’s Business Manager who is responsible for coordinating our team of consultants and ensuring that the business runs smoothly.  As lead for Ngamuru’s business development and marketing activities, many of our clients and prospects will have direct dealings with Heidi to find out more about our wide range of services, to request proposals and formalise engagements.   Heidi is well regarded for her ability to discuss ‘the art of the possible’ and develop tailored client solutions.

    Heidi is also hands on as an Adviser and has an extensive legal and project management background in various sectors including Aerospace, Defence, Federal, State and local government. Her experience covers contract management with corporate and public‐sector entities including stakeholder and subcontractor management, providing strategic corporate business advice and senior executive services.

    Heidi has deep expertise in designing, improving and maintaining corporate governance systems and contract management arrangements. In addition to her work for Ngamuru, numerous clients have benefitted from her comprehensive knowledge and experience in financial management, business process reengineering, corporate governance and the establishment of project management offices.