Senior Adviser

    Jacqueline is a Senior Adviser in Ngamuru with over 20 years Government, Health and Defence industry experience. With a background in Project and Commercial management, she has supported a range of programs including complex IT transformations within the Department of Agriculture, Department of Health and more recently the Department of Defence.

    Jacqueline’s commercial acumen, strategic planning and project management credentials help clients design, implement, and evaluate significant initiatives. Jacqueline has a keen eye for detail and a passion for providing value and benefit.

    Prior to arriving in Australia in 2011, she worked within Hewlett Packard’s UK Defence and National Security Organisation providing delivery management services to both the Department of Home Affairs and Ministry of Defence.

    Jacqueline is a highly personable and diplomatic individual and works closely with clients and stakeholders at all levels to drive and deliver successful outcomes. Highly motivated and trusted, she builds rapport quickly to establish and maintain long term relationships.