Policy Design & Implementation


Stakeholder Consultation

Delivering Workshops and Seminars

Our team regularly conduct workshops and seminars across the range of our services.

Ngamuru was engaged by a health agency to lead a series of technical working group workshops aimed at providing the key opportunity for stakeholders to input into and facilitate co-development of an electronic delivery model.  In addition to designing the approach and subsequently facilitating the sessions, Ngamuru’s team provided the client with a full record of each session.

Data Collection and Analysis

Ngamuru provides clients with services to assist them with collecting data and providing an analysis of that data to enable them to achieve the best outcome based on the outcome of our activities.

Ngamuru was engaged by a local health facility to develop a submission to the State and Federal Government for funding to support an integrated specialist physician training program based in western Victoria. Our team engaged extensively with stakeholder across the region to develop a training proposal and associated cost model to provide a fully justified business case for public investment.

Independent Review and Appraisal

Data Collection and Analysis

Ngamuru has been engaged on several occasions to sift through client and non-client data, to analyse that data and provide the client with a view as to their current status.  This can comprise a few outcomes – where the client is lacking data, where the client needs more data or where the client can better focus their business initiatives based on the analysis.

Ngamuru was contracted to provide non-advocate review services for a sensitive program of works. Our team met with the client’s staff and reviewed numerous documents and data elements to develop and present to senior management an expert opinion on the program design.

Outcome/achievement Assessment

As part of our data collection and analysis activities, we have been tasked to focus on what the client can achieve based on an independent review of the data and what the client can achieve based on the resources to hand.

Ngamuru undertook an independent business assurance for a pilot program which was a highly sensitive government initiative that required an in dependent team that possessed high level skills in stakeholder engagement, project management, and  public sector governance and accountability frameworks.

Service Design and Implementation

Better Practice Research and Analysis

Ngamuru has engaged in research to provide clients with the best practice approach to their organisation’s structures and/or services.

Ngamuru was engaged to conduct a strategic review for a large government department that focussed on examining how the client could better support portfolio policy objectives through adopting appropriate best practices of similar research units (considering international and Australian examples).

Performance Improvement

Ngamuru has provided various government departments with reviews on how they can improve their performance across their portfolios or areas of responsibility.

Ngamuru was engaged by an agency to review its overseas contracting model and devise enhancements to improve the management and effectiveness of the program implementation. Our approach was successfully adopted by the client and gave full consideration to the wide variety of options and the differing objectives in each region.