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Ngamuru Advisory ABOUT US

As a provider of strategic advisory and commercial services to Commonwealth and State/Territory Governments and their related agencies we inspire and enable our clients to deliver great projects and initiatives for the good of the nation by providing practical, common-sense and effective advice and assistance.

Our strength comes from engaging talented, ethical and experienced people who combine their practical and hands-on experience with their passion for delivering great outcomes for Government.  We do this by drawing on a wide base of specialist consultants to provide expertise and assistance for all kinds of projects and policy initiatives that Government agencies wish to undertake.  In this way, we are focused on providing the right service, by the right people, for the best outcome for our clients.


Ngamuru Advisory provides strategic and commercial advice primarily to Government clients by people who are passionate about delivering government projects better for the benefit of the taxpayer.


Ngamuru Advisory recognises the challenges and disadvantage which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have faced and continue to face in the Australian community.

Our people

At Ngamuru Advisory, our people are committed to helping our government clients to deliver their projects and initiatives for the good of the nation and the greatest benefit of the taxpayer.



Dr Andrew ‘Jacko’ Jacopino has just published an article titled ‘Why public sector is key to solving spending impact in Australia’. Read all about it here in the IACCM’s Contracting Excellence Journal.


Local Buy has just appointed Ngamuru Advisory to two panels for the supply of training and professional business advisory services to local governments (LGA BUS272 and LGA BUS278). If you are in local government and need some help with a complex issue, please reach out to us.


Ngamuru’s Managing Director, Mr Harry Dunstall has just been appointed to an Australian Government agency procurement board charged with oversighting complex IT procurements.  Harry is looking forward to the opportunity to contribute to the board’s efforts in driving improved outcomes for this critical procurement category.


One Team Member was recently recognised by the client’s peers and the management team as having made an exceptional contribution to the client’s program. A quote from their reward & recognition:  [Team Member] gives a voice to everyone, considers evenly all inputs regardless of who originated them. He’s made an outstanding progression during the year, always pursuing the best outcome for the Program. Like [Peer], [Team Member] has shown resilience and unlimited patience in all circumstances, and has maintained relationships with all stakeholders during the whole year.


Dr Andrew “Jacko” Jacopino has returned to online and face-to-face teaching at QUT as part of the Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA), specifically the unit titled GSZ535 Sourcing and Contracting Strategies. Ngamuru thanks him and welcomes his contribution to the education community.